December 19th, 2019

Commissioner Michael Olsen:
Ok, and my final point.

I know that my colleague Commissioner Wright-Gilbert dwelt on this a fair bit.

Parliament Station. I actually don't know if maybe this is a gender equity thing because I was there this morning. I actually lingered after the train to let the rush go. I smelt nothing.

So you know I don't know if this is something. It is a scientic fact that women have more developed senses of smell than men do. So I don't know if this is part of it.

So I'm not saying she didn't, that she smelt something that wasn't there, but I smelt nothing.

So I'm not sure what to, what the issue is, or if in fact there is an issue.

Commissioner Wright-Gilbert:

I'm sorry Mr. Chair, I take offence to Commissioner Olsen's comments about me smelling things because I'm a female.
I'm going to ask for an apology now, please.

Commissioner Michael Olsen:
No, I will not give it.


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